Hammam: The Ancient Moroccan Bathing Ritual

When it comes to wellness and relaxation, few experiences can compare to the sheer indulgence of a traditional Moroccan Hammam. Originating from the heart of Marrakesh, this centuries-old bathing ritual offers a unique blend of cleansing, rejuvenation, and cultural immersion, setting it apart from traditional spa treatments and saunas. Let's dive into the world of Hammam, exploring its history, rituals, and what makes it truly distinctive.

Indulge in signature Hammam experiences such as the rejuvenating “Escape,” the serene “Time for Yourself,” and the revitalizing “Light on the Body,” immersing your body and soul in an ethereal sensory journey that lasts between 60 to 120 minutes. Enjoy a symphony of delicate scrubs, ceremonial massages, and profound relaxation, allowing for a transformative renewal of your senses.


Our skilled therapists combine precise movements with ancient natural remedies – just as they are done in Morocco, such as the indulgent black soap wrap, the invigorating ghassoul treatment, the revitalizing kessa glove exfoliation, and the fragrant orange blossom soaping, all complemented by a gentle sprinkle of hot water and flower essence, leaving your skin with a radiant glow.


Enveloped in the soft embrace of luxurious linens within a private alcove, revel in a timeless sensation of weightlessness as the lingering aromas of essential oils caress your senses, culminating in a harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit. Immerse yourself in the Hammam experience at Nordine Salon and Day Spa, where every detail is designed to transport you to a world of unparalleled relaxation and indulgence. Your body and soul will thank you for it.