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We are conveniently located at Reston Staton at the Wiehle Avenue Metro

11389 Reston Station Blvd, Ste 1A
Reston, Virginia 20190

Phone: 703.707.6444

Parking: FREE Garage Parking, enter at Kiss & Ride and follow the signs Click for parking map

Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 10 am -8 pm | Friday 10 am - 7 pm | Saturday 9 am - 6 pm | Sunday 10 am - 5 pm | Monday Closed

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All services are by appointment only. We require 24 hours' notice if you are not able to make your appointment. Please review our policies page to help ensure a wonderful spa experience. First Time Clients - In order to provide you with the highest quality service, we highly recommend that you call the salon at 703.707.6444 to discuss which salon professional is best suited to meet your needs.

Featured Services at our Reston Station Location

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The centrally located Reston Station Nordine Salon & Day Spa offers both a full service salon and a modern, relaxing day spa. From haircuts and color corrections, to facials and the finest nail care services, the Reston Station location has it all. Our Reston Station - Wiehle Metro location is the place you can stop by for a quick trim, or indulge yourself in Nordine Salon & Day Spa's many services. Indulge yourself in affordable luxury with a visit to our modern salon and day spa.

Learn More About Our Featured Services

Microblading Services in Northern Virginia

MicrobladingMicroblading, the popular brow enhancement service, is now offered at Nordine Salon & Day Spa! Microblading is the art of applying very fine deposits of semi-permanent pigments to the brows to improve the look of your natural brows. Our certified (PhiBrowsTM and SoftapⓇ ) microblading specialists are expert at enhancing the shape of your natural brows, filling in gaps, and reconstructing areas with fine or missing hair to improve your natural appearance. Each microblading service begins with a thorough consultation, followed by a study of your facial and brow features and temporarily filling with color to ensure the finished results will match your expectations. The brow area is contoured, temporary filling is removed and numbing cream is applied.

Our microblading specialists then use their skill and artistry to apply semi-permanent makeup to the dermis of the skin, drawing each individual eyebrow hair to naturally supplement your existing brows. Included with each treatment is a follow-up fill, between eight to ten weeks after the initial service. Although results vary depending on the individual, you can expect your brow enhancement to last between one to two years before additional microblading treatments.


MicrodermabrasionMicrodermabrasion tops the list when you’re looking for an overall appearance enhancing facial treatment, suitable for all ages and most skin types. Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic renewal procedure that removes the uppermost superficial layer of the skin (known as the stratum corneum) and provides immediate results with no downtime, sometimes called the “Lunchtime Lift.” Using a wand that essentially buffs off the upper layer and that polishes the skin, our technicians are expert at employing microdermabrasion to:

  • Remove or reduce fine lines
  • Clear pores
  • Reduce inflammation from active acne and other skin conditions
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of other facial treatments
  • Reducing age spots and improving dull areas of the skin
  • Smoothing the skin surface for a more radiant look and feel

The microdermabrasion process begins with a consultation with our esthetician, who will examine your skin and determine the most effective procedure to address your skincare needs. Certain conditions, such as deep acne scarring or deep wrinkles are not suitable for microdermabrasion treatment, but instead may benefit from chemical peels and other facial treatments. Treatment starts with cleansing of the skin, after which the microdermabrasion wands is applied to the skin area. The skin is left looking smooth and radiant, but not painful. After treatment, moisturizing cream is applied and aftercare instructions (such as refraining from sun exposure, etc.) are discussed. Most clients opt for a regular series of treatments to maintain a fresh, healthy appearance, but this is not required as results are apparent after a single treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

LaserHairRemovalWho doesn’t like getting a little extra time to use as they please? Laser hair removal is one treatment that can give you back the time spent in shaving and plucking hair and for repeated waxing procedures. We’re fans of how finished your skin looks and feels once that stubborn facial, under arm or leg hair is gone - forever!

Laser hair removal can be performed almost anywhere on the body where unwanted hair growth occurs. The laser targets the melanin in the hair follicle, targeting and destroying the specific hair producing follicle while leaving surrounding follicles and tissues undamaged.There are challenges in removing specific shades of hair, but speak with your esthetician to discuss options that may assist in removal of red, blonde and gray hair via laser treatment.

Laser hair removal procedures are performed by our trained, licensed and experienced estheticians. You will undergo a consultation with the technician who will fully explain the procedure. Most areas will require a series of treatments to achieve the best result, as not all hair follicles procedure hair at the same time. Generally, treatments are spaced between four and six weeks apart. The number of treatments needed is based on the specific area of your body.

Prior to laser hair removal, certain procedures (waxing and tweezing) should be avoided, and aftercare is straightforward - avoid prolonged sun exposure for up to six weeks.

Hair Services

HairServicesHair is often called “your crowning glory” the cut, color and style makes a statement your appearance - are you bold, or demure? Long or short? Wavy or straight? At our Reston Station Nordine Salon & Day Spa, we feature hair artists who are licensed cosmetologists dedicated to the heights of fashion and steeped in advanced education. We offer transformative hair cutting, so take the leap with a new angular pixie cut or fashionable lob. Our hair colorists are able to take your locks shades lighter, or use hand painted balayage techniques to create a natural, soft look. You’ll also experience our amazing signature shampoo, with high-end massage seating and the scalp massage of your dreams.

Our Reston Station hair stylists work in a consultative manner, starting with a discussion to ensure that your wants and needs are fully understood prior to beginning the service. We offer hair cut, color and styling services for both men and women. Curly hair? Visit our Ouidad-certified stylist, who can transform your look from frizz to healthy, shiny curls. We’ve got those gray hairs covered, can add highlights to brighten your look and offer moisturizing, straightening and smoothing treatments such as Cezanne Keratin Treatment. Finish your look with a blow dry, or just stop by for an express blow dry service prior to Friday’s date night.

Nail Services

NailServicesNail technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past decades, and at Nordine Salon & Day Spa, we are at the leading edge in employing the most up-to-date products and techniques to enhance the appearance of your nails. We also ensure that you enjoy the experience from the moment you step into the nail salon area, with high-end pedicure seating and comfortable manicure stations. From acrylic nails and fills (the stalwart founding tech of artificial nails) to modern SNS gel-dipped nails and En Vouge sculptured nails, our experienced nail technicians apply their skills and artistry to each service.

We offer regular and spa manicure and pedicures, along with an exciting collagen manicure that will take years off of your hands. Looking for a modern finish? Try a cat eyes manicure. About those pedicures - many often overlook the “beyond beauty” benefits of taking good care of your feet. We know that your feet look great with prettily polished toes, but you also benefit from properly cut nails that reduce the potential for ingrown nails, and that removing calluses helps improve foot comfort. Proper moisturization and cuticle removal also help with foot health, and helps you feel great too! Call today to book an appointment and put your best feet and hands forward!

Spa Services in Reston

SpaServicesThe benefits of spa services have been recognized for millenia. While you busy life may not allow travel to hot springs and spa destinations on a regular basis, you can partake in rejuvenating, relaxing spa services right at our Reston Station Nordine Salon & Day Spa location. We offer a full range of spa services covering facial, hair removal, and massage services that are designed for the busy professional.

Looking for brighter, smoother and more youthful skin? Try one of our spa facials, which include European Algo Mask, Hydrolift, Oxygen and Vitamin C facials. Want to reduce blemishes or treat redness, rosacea or general facial redness? Our Deep Cleansing and Ultra Calming facials are specially designed for just those purposes. Our licensed master estheticians will carefully examine your skin, discuss your history and health conditions and make an appropriate recommendation for the right facial service for you.

We cover the full gamut of hair removal services with our waxing, threading and permanent laser hair removal offerings. Our technicians perform waxing services that include eyebrow, lip, full face, bikini, french bikini and brazilian bikini waxing. We also offer threading services and feature permanent laser hair removal using the advanced LightSheer Duet laser hair removal system, which is detailed earlier on this page under Laser Hair Removal.

Finally, what’s better than a massage when you need to relax and recharge? Our Reston Station location licensed massage therapists provide 60 and 90 minute Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Customized massages. Prenatal massage is available in a 60 minute session that will leave the mom-to-be feeling fantastic!

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