Just the Right Volume

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Reston Town Center stylist Nicole Siri's client has gorgeous, voluminous curls. But sometimes, too much of a good thing can overwhelm your best features - such as beautiful eyes, a winning smile & facial structure.

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Ask Zizi - Caring for Color Treated Hair

Stylist Consult

You rely on your stylist to provide recommendations on how to keep your hair looking its best between visits to the salon. We spoke with stylist ZiZi Mouzount of our Fairfax Mosaic District location about her recommendations for maintaining and styling color treated hair.

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Massage Therapy - Going from Achy to Feeling Better

AchytoBetterDid you know that massage therapists are regulated by the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Nursing and have over 500 hours of training and pass a comprehensive examination to attain their Certified Massage Therapist license? Certified Massage Therapists (CMTs) must also take 25 hours of continuing education biennially.

Amanda Carver, a Certified Massage Therapist at our Reston Town Center location recently completed a continuing education course focused on massage therapy techniques that help relieve hip and lower back pain.
Amanda states that "the causes of hip pain and lower back pain are varied – poor posture, recent accident or injury, recent surgery, weak core muscles, knee or feet problems along with arthritis and disc problems." During the course, Amanda enjoyed both the lecture portion and took away a number of new techniques during the multi-hour hands on body work session. Amanda said "I value the opportunity I had both learning and applying new techniques to better work the iliotibial band, quadratus lumborum, gluteal muscles, quadriceps muscles, hamstrings, psoas and erector muscles."

For those of us who are not trained CMTs, these muscle groups cover a wide range of the lower body - from the lumbar region of the spine (psoas, quadratus lumborum and specific sets of erector muscles), extending to the buttocks area (gluteal muscles), the side of the hip to the knee (iliotibial band) and the thigh (quadriceps muscles and hamstrings).

If you've found that this winter weather (and the associated snow shoveling) or other conditions have left you with a painful back or sore hips, please feel free to call and schedule an appointment at one of our three Northern Virginia locations (Reston, Fairfax and Gainesville). Our consultative, experienced and licensed CMTs can apply a variety of modalities to reduce that pain – helping you move from achy to feeling better.


The Perfect Men's Haircut Featuring Jenny Rice


Jenny Rice of our Reston location demonstrates how our talented stylists create the perfect men's haircut. Result - a men's style that is at home in the boardroom and is a hit for a night out on the town. Nordine Salon & Day Spa's stylists work to help men and women look their best and develop their own personal style.    

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