Microblading - Your Top 5 Questions Answered

Microblade1As anyone who has seen Cara Delevingne can attest, strong, well-defined eyebrows have become a signature beauty feature. If you are looking for ways to augment and/or fill out your natural brows, you may want to consider microblading.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the technique of implanting pigment into fine incisions that have been made in the skin. We use it to improve or create eyebrow definition, to cover gaps or extend the eyebrows, or to reconstruct eyebrows that have little or no hair. Our aesthetician applies each microblading stroke individually to create a feathery, natural look and to fully control the shape, color and density of your eyebrows.

What's Entailed in the Microblading Process?

It takes about three hours to complete the microblading process. The first part is the longest: Our specialist carefully measures, outlines and fills to create your preferred eyebrow shape and a custom color that combines natural pigments to complement your hair and skin tone. When you are satisfied with the shape and color of your eyebrows, she will outline their contours and remove the penciled-in shading. Next, she will apply a numbing cream to minimize any discomfort you might feel.

The microblading process itself is relatively quick. Your aesthetician will make small incisions in your brow area with a precision tool, and then apply the prepared pigmentation.


What is Recovery Like?

You don’t have to hide! Your eyebrows may be a little swollen for a day or so, but many clients are picture ready when the procedure is completed. Keep in mind that, for the first few days, you must keep your eyebrow area dry to allow healing and avoid diluting the pigment. Initially, your eyebrow color will be a little stronger, but will lighten and look more natural as your micro-incisions heal. We will schedule a follow-up in about eight to ten weeks to ensure that you are satisfied with the results, and to refine the feathery strokes and fine-tune the color, if necessary.

How Long Will My New Brows Last?

Microblading lasts about a year or longer, depending on your skin’s capacity to retain color, the skin products you use (such as retinoids), your exposure to the sun and other lifestyle factors. Your aesthetician may recommend occasional touch-ups to offset fading.

Meanwhile, you can toss your eyebrow pencils and maybe enjoy a few more minutes of sleep in the morning—some of our clients have reduced their makeup routines because their new eyebrows have given their entire face a beauty boost!

Can I See Some of Your Staff's Work?

We're happy to share some recent work from Microblading Specialist, Tati Azary. Please view the slideshow below, and contact us with any questions or to book an appointment.

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