3 Essential Tips for Prenatal Massages

Massage2We at Nordine Salon & Day Spa take your health very seriously and want to take care of your needs at any stage in life. That's why we have specialists in every area! This week we wanted to take some time to focus on massages for pregnancy to help you during your life transition.

Prenatal massage is a phenomenal way to relax, reduce stress and promote overall wellness during your pregnancy. During these 9 months, your body will experience physical stressors such as backaches, cramping of the legs, headaches, neck pain and swelling. A well executed massage can assist with all of these ailments, making pregnancy much more enjoyable!

A few other concerns associated with pregnancy is lack of sleep and anxiety caused by hormonal changes. Prenatal massage techniques reduce stress on the joints, helps the body with circulation and assists with relaxing any nervousness or tension in the body. All of these benefits assist in having a healthy and happy pregnancy.

We asked our expert masseuse, Kathy McGarity, at our Gainesville, Virginia location, for tips for you! Here are 3 things to consider before making your first prenatal massage appointment.

  1. Wait until after 13 weeks or your second trimester to start getting prenatal massages.
  2. Find someone who has been specifically trained in prenatal massage - This is very important!
  3. Stick with the Swedish massages, instead of deep tissue, until after you give birth.


We want to help you stay beautiful and stress free during your pregnancy and we hope these tips help you get ready to meet the new addition to your family.

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