DIY Halloween Makeup & Hair Tips

Halloween is TOMORROW – instead of running to the pop-up costume shop to search the bottom of the barrel leftover costumes, try one of these two hair and makeup Halloween styles from Gainesville stylist Siera DeJesus for maximum impact & minimum effort.

Creepy Cracked Babydoll


The Tools

  • Foundation - 2 shades lighter than your normal color
  • Pink blush
  • Pink or baby blue eye shadow
  • Black eyeliner
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Pink lipstick
  • White eyeliner
  • Nude stockings
  • Black Sharpie

Get the Look

Base: Apply foundation all over; make sure to completely cover eyebrows and lips.
Eyes: Apply eye shadow on just above natural crease. Draw thin eyebrow just above the natural eyebrow line. Line eyes along the lashes on the top and apply fake eyelashes. Line bottom of eye with white eyeliner. Draw a semicircle from outer corner of lower eye to inner corner of lower eye, fill the circle in with white eyeliner. Line under the white eyeliner with black eyeliner. Draw exaggerated eyelashes under bottom line.
Cheeks: Brush pink blush onto the apple of cheeks, do not blend. Draw smattering of freckles on cheeks with eyeliner.
Lips: Use pink liner on outside line of center on top and bottom lips – do not line sides. Use lipstick in center only for a sweetheart lip effect.
Crack: Use black eyeliner on forehead or cheek to make a faux crack - first draw an asymmetrical hole and then rigid lines leading away from hole.

Complete the Look

Create a hair bow on the top of your head - Gather hair in high ponytail. Loop hair through elastic, with about 6 inches of hair sticking out toward face. Divide bun into two equal parts, pull loose ends over the divide and pin in the back. Hold with hairspray.
Add to creepy factor by adding faux plastic joints. Draw circles around the knees of nude stockings with a black sharpie.



The Tools

Foundation 2 tones lighter than your skin
Contour powder (can use bronzer)
Red eye shadow
Black eye shadow
Black eyeliner
Matte Red lipstick
Black lipstick
White Acrylic press on nails
Denture glue

Get the Look

Base: Put lighter foundation all over face. Use bronzer powder to heavily contour cheeks to create sharp points
Eyes: Start with red eye shadow all over lid. Apply black eye shadow on the lower lid to create a smokey eye effect. Apply black eyeliner along lashes and wing out on the inside and outside corners of eyes.
Lips: Line lips with black eyeliner and blend red lipstick in to create darker outside and lighter red inside. Use red lipstick to draw blood drops on chin.

Complete the Look

Hair: Pull center section of hair up and tease into a Mohawk, lightly brush the top back without loosing the volume, then with comb and fingers slick the sides of hair down with hair spray for an edgy look.
Fangs: Cut white acrylic press on nails (find at drugstore) to size of your tooth and then cut bottom into sharp point. Attach by dabbing denture glue to the back of the nail and holding onto your tooth for a couple of minutes.

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